How to Shoot RAW Digital Photography Video Tutorials by Michael Tapes - Sample Segment
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You are viewing We All Shoot RAW, a sample segment
from the How to Shoot RAW without FUD DVD

How To Shoot RAW without Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
Video Tutorials by Michael Tapes

Let RAW Guru Michael Tapes show you why RAW is the easier way to shoot and how to get the visual results you are looking for in your photography.

Very simply, Michael cuts through the FUD surrounding RAW shooting and post production.

Download and DVD versions available. Click here for FAQs.

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Table of

Section 1: Raw and JPEG
Welcome to Raw without FUD
Raw or Baked (You Choose)
The Brownie Segment (Raw 101)
The Latent Image
Raw Renditions
We All Shoot Raw
Instant JPEGs from RAW
Section 2: Working in Raw
The Raw File Decoded
The Raw Converter
Adobe Camera Raw Controls
Adjusting Raw and JPEG in ACR
ACR and LR Develop Compared
Adjusting Raw in Lightroom
Lightroom Library Module
Lightroom Develop Module
Section 3: Photographers:
In Their Own Words
Don Cohen
Andrew Rodney
Courtney Spencer
Martin Evening
Uwe Steinmueller
George Jardine
Joel Schochet
Jack Hartzman
Onne van der Wal
Alain Briot
Seth Resnick
Michael Poster
Stephen Eastwood
Michael Tapes
Scott Kelby
Section 4: The Other Stuff
Choosing a Camera for Raw
Color Management Theory
Color Management Workflow