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DSLR autofocus systems may not be as precise as you think. Manufacturing tolerances often result in subtle mismatches between camera bodies and lenses, resulting in poor autofocus performance, i.e., soft images.

LensAlign MkII is the proven solution that offers accurate and repeatable calibration for each of your lenses. Moreover, our exclusive True Parallel Alignment™provides visual verification for perfect camera positioning during AF calibration. Get the most from your lenses with
LensAlign MkII—The Lens Sharpener.™

  • A 24-inch Long Ruler option will be available in May 2011.


"The thing is that when you properly LensAlign your glass, the results are amazing and visibly better when compared to a non-adjusted lens or glass that’s severely back for front focused. Keep in mind that by creating a better “starting point” with each lens, this allows for a larger margin of error should that be required."       —Stuart M.

LensAlign Long Ruler Kit (for LensAlign Pro) Purchase LensAlign

Long Ruler Kit (LRK) option provides the capability to measure camera/lens combinations with Depth of Field values exceeding the capabilities of the standard LensAlign ruler, specifically telephoto lenses at long distances and wide angle lenses.

The LRK can be fitted to any existing LensAlign PRO system.

  • Includes a large ruler (approximately 3 inches wide by 4 feet long).

  • Includes a Large focus target.

"I like sharp. I really like images to be crisp.
Any softness in the image should be a deliberate choice on my part."     —Neil, NJ