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"Really having fun learning Lightroom, thanks to your RAW without FUD [DVD]."  -Terry Hopkins

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How to Shoot RAW without FUD DVD

How To Shoot RAW
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Video Tutorials by Michael Tapes

Let RAW Guru Michael Tapes show you why RAW is the easier way to shoot and how to get the visual results you are looking for in your photography.

Very simply, Michael cuts through the FUD surrounding RAW shooting and post production.

JPEG Shooters: "RAW without FUD" is for photographers who have not been able to wrap their brains around the concepts of Raw or have been scared away by all of the misinformation (FUD) surrounding Raw.

Raw Shooters: "RAW without FUD" is for photographers who currently shoot Raw but still have some lingering questions, misconceptions or lack of knowledge about some aspects of Raw, preventing them from taking full advantage of the format.

More unsolicited testimony for RAW without FUD...

"The videos have been very enlightening. I had begun very recently to shoot in RAW, but was always worried (about what I'm not sure) and continued to use the RAW + JPEG selection. Now, I am a RAW only shooter and have NO FUD! Thanks again, you're great!"  -Connie

"Just wanted to let you know that I think your RAW & Lightroom tutorials are just excellent. What a great way to learn - much better than books. Many thanks."  - Tricia

"I purchased "RAW Without FUD" & watched it over the course of two evenings. The presentation & quality are excellent & very easy to watch & understand. I thought that RAW was only for pro photographers & that it was difficult to use. I now shoot only RAW with my Canon XTI & love every minute. Canon DPP allows me to process my RAW photos & have a great time doing it. I am considering upgrading to Adobe Lightroom in the near future. Thanks again.You have truly taken the FUD out of RAW!"  -David

"I am teaching several classes on digital photography (in photographing quilts/textiles) and already have your video as one of my recommended resources."  -Gregory

"I just wanted to say thank you for making so many things more clear about RAW files, white balance, and L, a, and b. I plan to get the WhiBal shortly, just need to decide on size. You make everything so simple to understand."  -Anon.

And the reviews of RAW without FUD...

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"How to Shoot RAW without Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt" with over 6 hours of video tutorials, including techniques for best use of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, is available on DVD-ROM or by download. DVD-ROM version includes an "Extras Disk" with trial software, links to Raw resources and discounts for Raw related software and products.

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Lightroom Video Tutorials (available free as streaming video on our website) are included on the Extras Disk that ships with the "How to Shoot Raw without FUD" DVD-ROM.

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RAW without FUD
Video Tutorial

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RAW without FUD
Video Tutorial DVD-ROM
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DVD Table of Contents
Section 1: Raw and JPEG
Welcome to Raw without FUD
Raw or Baked (You Choose)
The Brownie Segment (Raw 101)
The Latent Image
Raw Renditions
We All Shoot Raw
Instant JPEGs from RAW
Section 2: Working in Raw
The Raw File Decoded
The Raw Converter
Adobe Camera Raw Controls
Adjusting Raw and JPEG in ACR
ACR and LR Develop Compared
Adjusting Raw in Lightroom
Lightroom Library Module
Lightroom Develop Module
Section 3: Photographers:
In Their Own Words
Don Cohen
Andrew Rodney
Courtney Spencer
Martin Evening
Uwe Steinmueller
George Jardine
Joel Schochet
Jack Hartzman
Onne van der Wal
Alain Briot
Seth Resnick
Michael Poster
Stephen Eastwood
Michael Tapes
Scott Kelby
Section 4: The Other Stuff
Choosing a Camera for Raw
Color Management Theory
Color Management Workflow